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  Whatever Comes To Mind

Yellow Moon

  Yellow Moon (horn solo)

Back in the Day (harmonica solo)

  Back in the Day (harmonica solo)

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Put yourself on the fast track to guitar mastery today!


My name is Matt and I have been playing guitar for over 20 years. I have recorded and gigged professionally in and around New York City since my early 20's. When I first took up the guitar as a teenager, I learned to play along with my favorite guitarists by reading guitar tabs in magazines and books.

While that was fun, it was also difficult and time-consuming. You see, it did very little to improve my finger dexterity, which is so crucial to becoming a skilled guitar player. Sure, I could read how to play a solo with guitar tablature... but actually playing the solo always proved to be a challenge. There was something missing in my development as a player.

I was spinning my wheels. I wanted to be able to improvise like my guitar heroes - instead of spending countless hours just trying to copy them. Sound familiar?

It was not until a few years later, when I developed and followed my own finger exercise regiment that I quickly made astounding strides in what I could achieve on the fretboard. Things that were once difficult soon became rather easy. I could move around the fretboard in new and different ways, and with less effort and strain than ever before. The mental gap between what my fingers could do and what I wanted them to do started to shrink away! Soon my friends and family, my girlfriend... just about anyone who heard me play started to buzz about how much I had improved.

You can do it too!

Well, The rest as they say is history.

Later in life, I am still a huge believer in finger exercise methods as the best way to take your playing to new levels, and reach heights that you never imagined when you picked up the instrument for the first time! I have developed Finger Workout™ as an organized program for you to follow. If (like me) you grew tired of repeating the same boring licks, then I invite you try my program absolutely free. Grow beyond the box patterns, and train your fingers to MASTER the fretboard and OWN that guitar... to make it do anything you want it to do!

For we guitar players who have put in the effort to really learn the instrument, there is no more rewarding feeling in the world. And today I'm offering you a path to get to that promised land, starting right now!

This is a very attainable way for you to improve your guitar playing quickly and substantially. You will have access to a database of over 200 exercises, with a complete array of tools in the members area to help you achieve fast results and track your progress along the way. No more empty promises. No more boring lessons. Just real measurable results for pennies a day... A membership subscription costs much less than a single private guitar lesson!

Who is this site for?

Becoming a skilled and articulate guitar player does not come without effort. If you think otherwise, or you are looking for a "magic method" that will somehow turn you into a guitar legend overnight, then I'm afraid you are in the wrong place, and honestly I don't want your business. I'm not here to trick anybody. If you're content strumming cowboy chords all day long then this is not the site for you.

If on the other hand, you are:

  1. Serious about learning the instrument.
  2. Trying to improve your improvisational skills.
  3. Understand that it takes practice.
  4. Seek a way to practice efficiently and effectively for very real results.

Then you are, without a doubt, in the right place. All it takes it a few minutes a day and a little time. How much time is up to you... but I promise you that you will improve your finger skills starting right now.

Believe me when I say my little catch phrase - "Don't Play Like the Pros... Play Better!" - There is no reason whatsoever that you cannot rise above the skill level of today's average professional rock guitar player. You just need to practice the right way. That's all there is to it. No gimmicks. No tricks up my sleeve. It worked for me and it will work for you too.

All Experience Levels and Styles Welcome

One great thing about Finger Workout™ is that there is no music theory required. That's right, you can forget about scales and chords. In fact, I'd prefer that you forget about them for the purposes of these exercises. Just like the football player has no need to bring his playbook into the weight room, you can work out at my "finger gym" without any musical knowledge whatsoever. The only thing you need is a burning desire to become a guitar master!

The biggest and fastest improvements to your guitar playing will come from simple isolation finger exercises, not by memorizing scales or chords from a book. And let's face it - All the lessons, theory and knowledge in the world is useless to you if your fingers can't do what your brain tells them to do.

Most people get it backwards. They want you to learn chords, then scales, then songs etc... and all the while you are learning this stuff, your fingers are struggling to actually make it happen. Why? because they haven't been physically trained to handle the workload.

You see, Finger Workout is not a playing method, it is a practice method. Because it is through repetive practice and muscle memory that we become great players. That very simple concept is the essence of what I offer you: Forget learning how to play... Instead, learn how to practice effectively, and you're playing will follow right along behind. It's mere common sense. Practice the right way, on a routine basis, and soon your playing will skyrocket in leaps and bounds... guaranteed!

Join right now, or try the program FREE for 14 days.

How does it work, and what do I get by joining?

To really see how this program works, I point you to the User Guide, as it explains the program in great detail. However I'll briefly summarize it here.

As a member, you'll be given a login to the members area where you will have a full suite of tools at your fingertips to start on your exercise program today, and keep yourself organized. As there are over 200 exercises in the database, you really need a way to keep track of it all. And the tools provided on your member home page give you just that.

One point to make is that you'll be able to track your progress by logging your practice sessions and saving them in the database. This is key because it will enable you to see where your weak spots lie over time, and therefore what skills or mechanics you need to work on most. From there, you can browse the exercise database and search out exercises that address your weak points. This is simple to do. You can filter the exercise index by specific mechanics and/or skill level to get at the exercises you need quickly. You can also bookmark your favorites and keep notes every step of the way.

You'll need to practice your exercises on some sort of routine basis - that is up to you, and you'll need to practice with a metronome. If you don't have one, we've provided one for you in the members area. Another bonus for members is the fretboard charting tool. I won't go in to depth about that here but you can View a demo if you're curious.

As a member you'll get...

Really, the best thing you can do is dive in and take a FREE 14-day trial, or if you prefer you can go ahead and join right now for complete unlimited access.

Further Reading

Follow these links to learn more details about Finger Workout™.

And by the way, I love chatting with other players, and I would really like to hear your feedback about the program. Feel free to contact me any time!